Our professional backgrounds in adventure sport coaching each span 20-30 years of high quality coaching work, in some of the most challenging outdoor environments. We have delivered paddlesport coaching activities in white water, surf, and open ocean environments in many venues around the world. Highlights include:

Essential Sea Kayak Coaching Festival: we have delivered rough-water sessions in Anglesey’s challenging tidal conditions, several times each year since the event’s inception in 2012.

UK Sea Kayak Storm Gathering: we’ve been involved as lead coaches in many years of event delivery, notably in Scotland and Wales.

The long list of coaching events at which we’ve delivered lead coaching sessions also includes:

Anglesey Symposium, Scottish Sea Kayak Symposium, Dee River White Water Festival (Wales), South Pacific Sea Kayak Simposio (Chile), Pacific Paddlesport Symposium (Vancouver Island), Bay of Fundy Sea Kayak Symposium,
Gales Storm Gathering (Lake Superior) & Rock n Roll Sea Kayak Symposium (Australia).

At these and many other events we’ve coached at all skill levels in white water, tide races, open ocean, rock gardens, flat water, swell, wind and waves. We’re happy to lead coaching sessions in all inland and coastal environments.

We can deliver technical / tactical skills coaching sessions, provide coach education & leader training, we can offer personal exploration and confidence-building experiences, and will give your all your clients transformative learning opportunities, regardless or ability, experience or confidence.

We are constantly seeking to refine our coaching practices, in the light of our first-hand experience, our coaching community involvement, and our academic study.

If you’re seeking motivated, supportive, experienced and capable coaches for your paddlesport event, contact us to discuss your plans. We’d love to join you!